Thursday, January 25, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Well, The Couch has gone and labeled me a musicphile 'cuz I know a few tunes. I attribute that label to two things: 1) I'm as old as dirt, so I've heard a few songs and 2) I've always been exposed to a wide range of music, be it by family, friends, husbands, no-longer husbands, or even my own initiative. Bond - thank you again for putting my name in lights! In tribute to my new designation, I've put together a list of my favorite types of music, in no particular order and by no means inclusive of all artists in each category. I have all of these on my iPod and listen to them regularly. And when I find a new genre that I like, I'm usually beating a path to Amazon or iTunes to buy the latest CD. So not only am I a musicphile, but I guess you could call me a good consumer, right??

Here's my list (and a few sample tunes to boot):

1. Classical - all the usual suspects...Handel, Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Mozart, Rossini, name it. I'm particularly fond of Tchaikovsky.

Air On The G String
By Arthur Fiedler

2. Big Band - Glenn Miller, Benny Goodman, Count Basie, Artie Shaw, Brian Setzer. In another life, I think I was a hostess at a USO club and jitterbugged my way through the war. I'm going to put Frank Sinatra in this group, too - I have most of his CD collections.

In The Mood
By Glenn Miller

3. Latin American, particularly Brazilian - Antonio Carlos Jobim is my favorite. Tito Puente is also a keeper.

Garota De Ipanema
By Antonio Carlos Jobim

4. Country & Western - yes, I watched Hee Haw and knew all the words to "Where O Where Are You Tonight?". The Last Picture Show got me hooked on Hank Williams, Sr., and I grew up listening to The Old Dominion Barn Dance.

Hey Good Lookin'
By Hank Williams

5. More Contemporary Country - here I include my idol, Patsy Cline, although she definitely could land in the category above. There was nobody like her and never will be again. Also, Kenny Rogers, Brooks and Dunn, The Judds, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Brad Paisley, Reba McEntire, Tanya Tucker...just to name a few.

Brown Eyed Handsome Man
By Tanya Tucker

6. Reggae/Ska - I was introduced to this in the 70's by a Jamaican buddy. I had tickets to see Bob Marley and the Wailers during his Uprising Tour, but the show was canceled when he succumbed to cancer in 1981.

Three Little Birds
By Bob Marley

7. Funk/Disco - ok, slap me silly, but I love it!! Give me some Parliament/Funkadelic, Ohio Players, Earth Wind and Fire, K C and the Sunshine Band any day and I'll dance 'til I drop!

By Parliament

8. Jazz - lots of musicians fall under this category, don't they? Stan Getz, Pat Methany, Bob James, Grover Washington, Weather Report, etc. - love 'em all.

Westchester Lady
By Bob James

9. Bluegrass - Bill Monroe, Flatt & Scruggs, Dolly Parton, Allison Kraus. One of my favorite CD's is the soundtrack from O Brother, Where Art Thou?

I Am a Man of Constant Sorrow
By Alison Krauss

10. Rock - this is such a broad category that I can't even begin to list all of my favorite artists. I would be remiss if I didn't at least include Elvis in this category since he still rocks my world! I like to keep an open mind, but I've never been partial to acid rock or punk rock. Maybe somebody new will come along and change my mind.

Rip It Up
By Elvis Presley

11. Rhythm and Blues - first and foremost, I must list Ray Charles at the top of this category. I'll also include Jerry Lee Lewis, James Brown, many of the Motown artists, Tina Turner, and Michael Jackson.

Night Time Is The Right Time (2)
By Ray Charles

12. Miscellaneous (?) - includes New Age (Kitaro), show tunes from Broadway and movies, Dinah Washington, Sally Oldfield...artists I can't fit into the other categories.

A Sunday Kind Of Love
By Dinah Washington

13. OK, here it knew it was coming...MODERN WHOMP...that's right, the latest music genre. Created by Taylor Hicks, it's "like funk, soul, jazz, blues, a little bit of hip-hop beats and rhythms." Can you see why I like it? It's got a little bit of everything, all wrapped up in a bodacious package that has given me a hope that I will start buying new music again. As Taylor said back in August, "it's time to bring some real music back to *** pop music!!!" I think the boy said a mouthful!!!

Happy Thursday, everyone!


Maryfly said...

bodacious! love that word! It's great that your into all different types of music. I personally love EW&F and Parliament also!


Dixiechick said...

Where oh where are you tonight, why did you leave me here all alone. I searched the world over and thought I found true love, you meet another and PHPPHT you were gone...

Yes I watched Hee Haw too....

Dixiechick said...

Oh... I didn't mention "Modern Whomp" woooooooooooooooo

I have always thought that everyone should not be musically challenged. That is why I have taught my kids to listen to a variety of music. Thankfully, they listened.

Piacere said...

Miss Fly: And we're gonna have a bodacious time in B'ham, aren't we?? I'll bring the Parliament!!

Dixie: A fellow Hee Haw alumna...thank you!! And I'm happy your kids have been given the gift of many kinds of music (and even happier they listened!).

Bond said...

A day late Pia.. sorry.. but a wonderful selection... so varied...

Older then Dirt.. if that is the case then what the freak am i older then.. what makes dirt? cause i am that old!

Travis said...

This is a wonderful list of music. Thanks for sharing.

Piacere said...

Bond: Better late than nevaaaa!!!! And I guess we'd better drop the dirt about saying sumthin' like "older than Pia"?????? (just barely!!!)

Trav: You're welcome - glad you likey!!

Turnbaby said...

DAY-UM how in the HELL did I not get over here for this list?!?!? Awesome Pia--damnation you found the Dinah version of Sunday kind of love

We are kindred souls



Turnbaby said...

Dinah!!!! YESSSSSS

Piacere said...

Turn: Dinah is 'da bomb! And this is, by far, my favorite really says it all about relationships, doesn't it? Yup, we are sistas, I'm sure of it!! HSGR!!