Monday, January 29, 2007

Manic Monday Edition #1

(Note: I took down the "Cruisin'" video - couldn't kill the autoplay for some reason, and it was buggin' me. You can see it here.)

OK, I'll give it a go...saw this on It's a Blog Eat Blog World...the theme word for today, Monday, January 29, 2007 is "cruising". The first thing that comes to mind is getting on a ship and heading down to the islands. I'd like to share some photos from my October cruise to the, friends, food and LOTS of rum!

Here's the "tail" of the Carnival Victory:

Docked at Nassau

Looking out at the Atlantic from our Nassau dock

Debarking (sounds like something you'd do to a bad dog, doesn't it?)

Back to the ship after a fruitful visit to the Bacardi rum factory

Now this is what I'm talkin' about...


Turnbaby said...

Fabulous!!!! And that one pic--looking at the Atlantic from the Nassau dock---omg--made my day! Great start. And thanks again for your comment om my MM. It means a lot to have encouragement.





for good measure


Maryfly said...

awesome pics!!


amynoroom said...

Oooh, Nice photos! I wish I were going on a cruise!

Bond said...

Cool Pics Pia... love cruising on ships.. just don't do it enough

Travis said...

Love that last pic!!

Oh, and the ocean was nice too.


Piacere said...

Turn: Isn't that an awesome picture? I could stare at it all day (and wish I were back there, dammit!!) HSGR to you, too!

Miss Fly: Glad you likey!

Amy: You would be SOOOO bad, especially with all of that RUM!!

Bond: TY! I would love to do one a year if I could!!

Trav: BWAHAHAHA - you so funny!!