Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Wordless Wednesday


amynoroom said...


Did you have fun on your vacation???

Anndi said...

Beautiful choice Pia!

Can't wait to meet you in BHam!

Happy Valentine's Day!

My love quote for you:

Love rules without rules. (Amore regge senza legge.)
~an Italian proverb

Turnbaby said...


you are back!!!

Where've ya been ya hoochie?


Piacere said...

Amy: I thought the pink birds would be appropriate...FLA was GREAT!

Anndi: Glad you likey...can't wait to meet you, too! And I'll have to tell DH that quote - I love it!!

Turn: Sunny FLA, hanging out with a bunch of wrinkled hoochies and hotties - WOOOOOOO!!!

Bond said...

Where in FL PIA?

I was there too.. maybe we drove past each other...